Roadmap (Why you should help)

At the moment this blog is as new as it gets and hopefully with your help we can make it kick off.

Below is a list goals in chronological order:

  • Gather a sturdy fan base of users and artists
  • Move our pitch (home page) to a separate page and have all our art on one page
  • Move our content to a specially dedicated domain
  • Add more user interaction
  • Allow users to post their own content
  • Gather a ‘team’ of artists who specialize in giving feedback
  • Expand site into many more fields and categories
  • Add in a reputation system
  • Auto-bump neglected posts

This is just a sample of what we HOPE to achieve. It isn’t possible without you. Yes, you sitting there thinking, “Should I REALLY post artwork?” Just do it.

Art of the Internet

Getting information off the Internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant.

A drop in the ocean…
Every day millions of users contribute to the boundless entity which we call the ‘Internet’.  Users connect, share, view and enjoy hours of content by people who use the internet to portray their ability of creativity. With the use of the internet – there are no limitations to potential and growth of human society.  However when we’re on the internet – most of us are a drop in the ocean – we are tiny.
Today I have created the ‘Art of the Internet’ – and wish to have you on board. There are millions of users on the internet who have created art and posted it on the internet – but have been viewed by no one. If we strive together we can connect a community together to show the correct appreciation for each others work. Your art deserves to be viewed by people – it deserves the chance to be viewed by the world. Whether it’s drawing, painting, singing, filming – anything in which you created is worth viewing.
I am aware there are many out there which strive to do this – and have done this effectively already. However – I propose to use this blog as a more direct approach. A way everyone will be able to view it. Don’t allow your hard work and effort to be neglected by the ignorance of internet.
How can you help? 
All it takes is confidence. With confidence in your work there is no reason for your work to be hidden from the world. If you allow us (with full credit to you, of course) to display your work on our blog and help advertise our goal on your already owned output of your work. You will be subjected to constructive criticism, appreciation and the chance to show the world your talents and true abilities.  Click ‘Get Featured’ up in the right hand corner… show the world your talent
What do we need?
We don’t need your money! The only thing that we need for you… is to help us grow. Help us become a community where no one will ever be neglected again online due to not being able to promote their work. If everyone combines their efforts now – hopefully one day we’ll be able to have a community of appreciation and opportunity. Don’t let your true potential sit unnoticed – It’s a free chance.